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James Madison’s Constitution – James Madison’s America
Thursday, October 8 at 7 PM

 James Madison, the person we honor with the title “Father” of the U.S. Constitution, along with other leading Founders, thought long and hard about the kind of political community that would best meet the needs and interest of a freedom-loving people.  The Constitution that they crafted in 1787 remains the fundamental law of the land.  It is only possible to understand who we are as a distinctive “people” and political community by understanding the Constitution that has shaped and guided this country for almost 250 years.  It is especially fitting to reflect on the principles of our constitutional republic and the intentions of the leading Founders as we engage in the process of selecting a new President who will be responsible for “preserving, protecting and defending” the American republic that George Washington and James Madison, among others, labored so hard to establish.  This lecture will be presented by Dr. David Marion of Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia.

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