Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Parking Garage 2


Originally constructed in 1974 as part of the downtown urban renewal program, the parking garage has exposed steel columns, beams and decks that have corroded due to the salt used to treat snow in the winter. In addition, the drainage troughs on the decks have been corroded and they leaked water into the decks. In 2016, the City reinforced the ramps to the second level with wood to keep the second level deck open, but for safety reasons, closed the third level deck completely.

Parking Garage Corrosion
Parking Garage Wooden Supports2

The corrosion issues will not go away. The parking garage continues to deteriorate. Left unchecked, the City would eventually be forced to close the second story deck as well.


To keep the parking garage open and maintain the number of parking spaces in the downtown area, the City Council has considered two options: 

  • Rehabilitate the existing garage
  • Deconstruct the existing garage and build a new one

 The estimated cost of the two options are:


2023 Estimated Cost (data as of June 2022)

Rehabilitate the parking garage

$6.6 million

Deconstruct/build a new parking garage

$13.5 million + deconstruction costs

 During the November 8, 2021 Council meeting, the City Council decided rehabilitation was their best option. Cost was the main driving factor.


The goals of the rehabilitation are:

  • Extend the life of the garage at least 25 years before another major renovation project is necessary.
  • Drivers should find it easy to use. 
  • The people who live, work or visit the downtown should find it visually attractive.

 The project’s scope of work includes:  

  • Structural repair of certain steel columns and beams
  • Replace deck panels and concrete walls where necessary
  • Waterproof and repave second level deck
  • Reseal third level deck
  • New exterior (north) stair tower with elevator  
  • Repair (south) stair well, stairs & landing
  • Replace the doors & install windows in the south stairwell
  • A smart design with good ramps, landings & transitions
  • Replace the existing lighting 
  • Improve the security system

The Project Team

The Clty’s rehabilitation project team includes:

Your Feedback

The project team welcomes your feedback about the improvements to the parking garage from the public.  The following are suggestions that have already been received. 

  • Parking Meter Kiosks
  • Solar Panels/Car Ports on 3rd level
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • ADA/Handicapped parking spaces near new exterior elevator/stair tower (North)
  • Sidewalk on Beacon Street East in front of ramps
  • Improved directional signs throughout (To: City Hall, Main Street, Main Street Business District, Belknap Mill, Rotary Park, etc.)
  • Extend/Lengthen 2nd & 3rd level ramp landing

The team will develop a “ball park” cost estimate of each suggestion, determine their feasibility, and make a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council will then decide which suggestions to include in the design of the project.

Feel free to contact Wesley Anderson at (603)528-6379.