Why is my bill so high?
What will make the bill fluctuate from quarter to quarter is how much water goes through the meter. Bills tend to rise in the summer months.

If you see a large jump in the water bill, a running toilet might be the cause. These are not always easily detectable. Check the water level in the tank to make sure it is not dripping into the filler pipe. Another test is to add food coloring to the tank before going to bed at night. If in the morning the water in the bowl has turned to that color, then there is a leak.

Another way to check for a leak is to look at the meter. Make sure no one is using any water in the house and see if the numbers and/or dials on the meter are moving. If they are, water is being pulled into the property somewhere and it usually is a toilet or a dripping faucet. These leaks can be quite costly.

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