Borrowing Materials for Our Patrons

Laconia Public Library cardholders may request that items not in our collection be borrowed from other libraries in the state through interlibrary loan. Requests can be submitted online through our form, a phone call, or in person at the library. 

What types of items can I borrow through ILL?

  • Books
  • Books and music on audio tape and CD
  • DVDs
  • Magazines

What can't be borrowed through ILL?

  • New items published in the last 6 months
  • Reference materials
  • Video games
  • Materials that are already in our collection, unless missing or very overdue

How long does it take for requests to arrive?

It varies. Generally, materials arrive within two weeks but it may take longer. There are no rush requests. Once arrived, we will inform the patron and keep requests on the hold shelf for one week for pickup. If items are not picked up they will be sent back to the lending library. Lending libraries may impose conditions on loans like “in-library use only” or “no renewals” and these must be adhered to by the patron.

How many requests can I make?

We allow four ILL requests for one patron at a time. Exceptions may be made for patron-run book clubs.

Is there any charge?

There is no charge for in-state loans. Out-of-state libraries will sometimes charge a lending fee. This will be paid by the patron and no request will be made until the patron has agreed to pay. If the book is returned late, damaged, or goes missing, the patron will be required to pay any fees accrued by the lending library. ILL privileges may be suspended for patrons who lose items or return damaged or late ILLs. 

What if I need more time?

 Please call the library three days in advance of your due date to request renewals. Renewals are provided at the owning library’s discretion and are not guaranteed. 

Loans to Other Libraries

The Laconia Public Library will loan all circulating materials with the exception of games to any requesting library. Reference materials may be loaned on an individual basis for a shorter loan period and for in-house use only. A phone call is best regarding specifics on reference materials.

Electronic requests are the preferred method of request but all forms of requests will be accepted. Materials currently checked out will not automatically be put on reserve. It is up to the requesting library to contact our library to reserve materials.

Books from the circulating collection will be loaned for a 6-week period. Audiovisual materials will be loaned for a 4-week period. Books will be renewed on an individual basis. Please call the ILL (Interlibrary Loan) librarian to request a renewal.

The Laconia Public Library will make photocopies in compliance with copyright law. 

Under normal circumstances, ILL requests will be filled if available within two business days. Van delivery is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If for any reason materials need to be sent via US Postal Service the Laconia Public Library will assume the cost of sending them to the borrowing library. Return postage shall be the responsibility of the borrowing library. Photocopies may be emailed when legally acceptable or sent by van or mail.

The borrowing and loaning of ILL materials are to be done between the requesting and loaning libraries. Cardholders must pick up and return their loans at the library at which they are a cardholder. We will not allow our patrons to pick up materials at other libraries nor will we allow cardholders from other libraries to pick up materials belonging to the Laconia Public Library here, they will be shipped on the van to the cardholder’s library thus assuring the transaction will be completely handled by the libraries involved.