Weirs Beach Area Parking

Public Parking - Weirs Beach

There are two public parking locations in the Weirs Beach area.

  • Lakeside Avenue
  • Endicott Rock Park

Both locations are metered. The kiosks accept only coins or credit/debit cards.  The City uses kiosks and a pay by space system in both locations. This is not the same system as the ticket on the dashboard system that other cities such as Concord use.

Parking meters/kiosks enforcement hours

Visitors must pay to park between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm at either location.

How the Kiosks work

All the parking spaces are numbered.  A visitor enters the space number into the kiosk and enters the amount of time that you want to park.  The kiosk will not let you enter more time than the space’s time limit.  For example if you park in a 2 hour space it will only allow you to pay two hours.

A visitor can increase the amount of time but needs to do it near the end of the expiration of their time.  Paying for more time resets the system.  Thus if you originally pay for 3 hours and you want to extend your time to park for a total of 5 hours in the space at 1 hour into your time, you would have to pay for 4 more hours.

Parking time limits & costs per hour

Lakeside Ave has 5, 3 and 2 hour parking spaces available. Parking costs $2.00 per hour.  See the Lakeside Ave. Kiosk Layout to find the area of the parking spaces that has the time limit you need.

The Endicott Rock parking lot has no time limits; it costs $2.50 per hour to park there.